iPod Image

Simulator Instructions

This iPod image is not a true simulator, but it sounds good. It is simply a frame containing a smaller version of the web page containing the selected topic. It is operated as a web page, using hyperlinks to get around on the small screen, but it can give you some idea of how the program functions on a PDA. Use the iPod image on the left to explore navigation through the material on a small screen. You can return to the previous link as usual by clicking the left (back) arrow at the top left of the main screen or by right clicking the mouse and selecting back. You will find that the right mouse button does not always give a back option when you are viewing a graphic. In this case you must use the back arrow on the main screen.

There are scroll bars on the simulator. To approximate the function of image motion on the touch screen, use the scroll bars or click on the simulator screen and use the directional arrows on your keyboard. This can be done horizontally or vertically.

Indented text appears farther to the right on the simulator than on a handheld screen. Your handheld device will contain more text than the simulator, particularly when indentation is present. The simulator can help to demonstrate the ease of getting to information on a properly formatted small screen.