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Links to other sites which I have found useful are offered here, whether related or not to the topics at hand.


Medi-Mouse  is a site maintained by Dr. Eugene Leduc of Victoria, B.C. It is an excellent one-stop reference for B.C. physicians, and has a particularly good drug reference module with information taken from the Health Canada Drug Database, B.C. Pharmanet and the LexiDrugs reference via the CMA website. It is one of the few easily accessible sources for drug costs.

Therapeutics Education Collaboration Podcasts  is a series of half-hour podcasts on various subjects from the point of view of best evidence. Important new papers are reviewed periodically.

Tools for Practice  is a series of brief evidence based reviews of medical topics out of University of Alberta. These topics appear regularly in Canadian Family Physician and can be directed to your email inbox as they appear.

Medical Informatics

Meistermed  is an elegant collection of medical applications for mobile applications done by the author Andrew Schechtman, MD. Lytemeister - a summary of electrolyte disorders, has been a favourite of mine for some time.

Medical iSilo Depot  part of the Meistermed site, is a collection of medical applications for the iSilo text editor and mobile devices done by various authors. This is probably the most complete collection of this format on the web.

Meistermed Hyperlink Tutorial  is a tutorial done by Andrew Schechtman, MD. to demonstrate creation of a hyperlinked medical topic in iSilo for mobile devices.

The Arts

Mark Raymond Mason Fine Art Photography  is an impressive gallery of photographs, each a unique abstraction of reality, allowing for much contemplation and interpretation. You may also find the elegant web page design familiar, as this site borrowed heavily from it.


PG Music  Home of Band in a Box and Power Tracks Pro Audio sequencer. Their CD on Oscar Peterson and other products are great resources for learning jazz piano.

Energy Alternatives

UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  This last report updated in 2014 continues to reinforce evidence that climate change is the result of human activity. It is past time to focus on energy alternatives.

Drake Landing Solar Community  This is a new community in southern Alberta using solar hot water technology and in-ground borehole thermal energy storage for space heating. There is also attention paid to R-2000 standards and efficient water use.

The Outdoors

Trails in the Tumbler Ridge Area  is an on-line reference for hiking, skiing, backpacking and mountain biking trails in the Tumbler Ridge area of the Northern Rockies. Many fine photographs.

Web Design

w3 Schools  is an on-line reference for learning Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and and scripting languages such as javascript for web page design. Examples allowing scripting change and viewing of the subsequent result are very helpful.

W3C Markup Validation Service  is an on-line free service that checks Web documents in formats like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C recommendations and other standards.