Downloading Files

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Specific topics can be downloaded from these web pages to a desktop computer. They are available in 2 file formats. The .pdb extension denotes files readable by iSilo and some other text readers for handheld devices. These files can be loaded from your desktop into memory on a handheld in various ways. Loading such files into an iPod device containing the iSilo app will be reviewed. The .zip extension denotes a zipped file containing all files needed to view the topic as a web page in any browser. These files can be extracted into a discrete folder which will identify the topic for use on any desktop.

Downloading and Installing iSilo Files
For any topic on a desktop device, there is a hyperlinked option on the left side of the screen titled iSilo Download. Clicking on this link will bring up a box which gives you the option to save this file. The next box allows you to direct this file to a specific folder on your machine, where you can choose to store all the .pdb files you will subsequently transfer to your handheld device.

Be sure the iSilo application is loaded into your handheld device. The easiest way to get .pdb files from your desktop to your handheld device is by using iTunes, which will need to be installed on your desktop and running with the startup screen visible. When the handheld is attached via USB to your computer, an icon for the device will appear near the upper right corner of the iTunes display of the main computer. Click on this.

Click on the Apps option in the top toolbar. At the bottom of this display are the File Sharing apps installed on your handheld, and iSilo will appear here. Click on the iSilo app, and this will display the files currently residing in handheld memory. Click Add File at the bottom of this display, and you will be able to navigate to the file(s) you wish to transfer. Highlight this file and select Open. The file will be in your handheld when you next open iSilo. Files can then be organized within the portable device using iSilo so that topic retrieval is intuitive for you.

Downloading and Installing Files for Use on a Desktop
First, establish a folder which will contain the files for the selected topic. The Web Page version of the program can be obtained by clicking the Desktop Download link. Selecting the Open With option and pressing OK will produce an explorer screen displaying contents of a zip file. Select the Extract All Files (or equivalent) option and you will be given the opportunity to navigate to the folder you designated to save the files. It is important for all these files to be in the same folder so that the main .html file knows where to look for other files called by hyperlinks. It will look in the same folder.

When you navigate to the folder where your file is saved, you will find the downloaded files with various extensions. The .html files represent web pages. Double clicking on each will determine which one is the main page (usually named the same as the .zip file). Once these files are put into a folder on your computer the main page can be called from an icon created on the desktop, or the topic can be viewed simply by double clicking on the file representing the main page. Again, if all files are in the same folder, only the main web page need be referenced.

Downloading the Calculators
There is no calculator application for handheld devices, although they will run from the web with some scrolling. They are designed for download and use on a desktop machine. Each calculator should be downloaded to its' own folder. The files are in .zip format, and are extracted and run as any web page, as explained previously. Further instruction is available on the Calculatorspage.