Decisions in medicine have become more evidence based and complex. It is not possible to carry all of the guidelines and algorithms in your head, and some means of information organization and decision support using a computer application can be useful.
The following calculators incorporate Canadian or US guidelines and units. They can be used directly via the internet, or they can be downloaded to an office computer for immediate access via a desktop icon. Instructions regarding use is contained within the .zip files.
These calculators are a web-based application only. They can be downloaded to a desktop computer. The files will only run on a browser, and cannot be loaded as a Palm application. They will run on mobile devices supporting javascript, but they are not optimized for use on a small screen.

The Canadian Cardiovascular Society Lipid Guidelines Calculator Framingham Calculator OnlineDownload Files

Atrial Fibrillation Stroke and Bleeding Risk Score CalculatorAnticoagulation Calculator OnlineDownload Files

Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia Risk Calculator Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia Risk Calculator Online Download Files

Warfarin Dosing Calculator Warfarin Dosing Calculator Online Download Files

The following calculator runs in Microsoft Excel, and is designed as a desktop application. Because it requires serial input, it is not designed for mobile devices, and it is not a handheld application. It follows and graphs BMI percentile over multiple visits for multiple patients, but could be used at home for a single patient or in a community clinic. There is no metric version at present. You can view an example of the tool online, but you cannot run it. You must download files to get a functional version.

BMI Serial Percentile Calculator BMI Percentile Calculator Screenshots Download Files