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My wife Myrna and I lived in the small town of Princeton, B.C. for over 40 years. We now live in Penticton, B.C. Our rural environment has taught us many things; among them the need to approach life as participants rather than spectators. Not often do we have the opportunity for lessons when we approach an unfamiliar discipline - thus we have the opportunity to tackle things in our own way, sometimes with unique and unexpected results. Myrna has become a poet, naturalist,volunteer and environmentalist. We both enjoy hiking, mountaineering, running and skiing. I slowly pursued interests in jazz piano, medical informatics and energy alternatives as I continued to practice rural medicine over the years. In retirement, I am now collating evidence-based information for point of care reference and, occasionally, submitting papers for publication which may have particular application to family, rural and remote medicine (see Publications below).

These web pages reflect my interests. Although their contents may not be profound, or even accurate, it is hoped that the occasional reader will find them useful or informative in that they reflect an unique view. There is little advanced planning to stifle creativity. There is only modest use of expert opinion, and evidence-based material is used only in the narrow confines where it can remain valid. The rest is personal synthesis, whether it be medical or musical. You must judge the validity of this material for yourself.

PALMedis a collection of medical applications for point of care reference which I have developed and updated over many years.

Publicationsis a listing of publications pertaining mainly to topics in family medicine, rural acute medicine and medical informatics.

Eclectic Klavieris a similarly accumulated collection of jazz (and other) piano arrangements and transcriptions using an electronic keyboard and, occasionally, computer sequencing for rhythm and bass line. Occasional classical music appears as well.

Ad Augusta Ad Augusta per Angusta (To High Places by Narrow Paths) is a collection of photographs of our most remembered mountain destinations near home and abroad. We may add route descriptions to more obscure areas over time.

In no case is a claim made for either originality or competence. I hope you find something here to enjoy.