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Installing the Calculator

You have chosen to download this application to your hard drive. You cannot download or run this application on a handheld device. The downloaded file will be a zipped file which will appear in a folder you have created or selected. To optimize function for this tool, consider the following:

1. It is suggested that you unzip these files to a newly created folder. All the files must be in the same folder otherwise hyperlinks will not function.

2. Run the application from the file titled Pediatric_BMI_Calculator.htm. Documentation can be accessed from the instruction tab on the spreadsheet.

3. Create an icon for your desktop if you wish by right-clicking on Pediatric_BMI_Calculator.htm and select Send to > Desktop (create shortcut). In Windows 7, right click and select Create Shortcut. The new shortcut created in your folder can be dragged to the desktop. Double clicking on this icon will then open the calculator application. You can rename the shortcut or change the icon if you wish with another right click on the new desktop icon.

4. There is no metric version of this application, as most families still seem to relate to pounds and inches when assessing growth.

5. Instructions for use of this tool are fully covered in the Instructions tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Data entry is done in the Measurements tab, and an expanded graph of selected growth parameters is available in the Bar Graph tab

6. This is only a desktop application, as there is usually a lot of data input. It will not run over the internet, and it is not formatted for PDA's or smartphones. Single time use applications are available for these devices, and the following websites may be useful:

To download the zipped files after creating the folder for them, click here.