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HIT Calculator Algorithm Rationale and Derivation

Adverse events with use of heparin are not common, but can be life and limb threatening. Diagnosis of such events can be nuanced, and may lead to excessive interventions in both monitoring and treatment. Guidelines and algorithms now exist to aid in diagnosis and reduce unnecessary interventions. The calculator incorporates the 4T's score and the guideline recommendations from reference 6 in a form which can be applied to any heparin patient at any time during the course of current or previous treatment. Decision support is incorporated for heparin discontinuation. It is recommended that the advice of a consultant be obtained regarding choice and management of alternative anticoagulants.

Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) has a poor prognosis unless the use of heparin is discontinued and an alternative anticoagulant such as a direct thrombin inhibitor or factor Xa inhibitor is substituted. Sentinel characteristics may include:

Problems are associated with both diagnosis and treatment of this condition. These include:

Strategies to optimize outcomes:

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