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Installing the Calculators


You have chosen to download this application to your hard drive. You can do this only to a drive on your desktop computer. Handhelds can only access the application on the web. The downloaded file will be a zipped file which will appear in a folder you have created or selected. To optimize function for this tool, consider the following:

1. It is suggested that you unzip these files to a newly created folder. All the files must be in the same folder otherwise hyperlinks will not function.

2. Run the applications from the file titled Framingham Risk Calculator.htm. This file has hyperlinks to the calculators and allows you to change units for lipid measurement. There are 2 available variants of the calculator. After evaluating the function of each, decide which one(s) you wish to run from the desktop.

4. Select the appropriate file to run from the desktop (US versions have been removed because US guidelines contain new pooled cohort equations which are used in place of the Framingham score to evaluate risk):

         CCSFramingham.html for the standard CCS calculator

         CardMetRisk.html for the CCS calculator with support for mixed dyslipidemias (pts with high TG and low HDL), more appropriate for those with obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, where LDL levels may poorly represent risk.

         AHAFramingham.html for the calculator supporting the new AHA/ACC guidelines. This version is still based on the Framingham Risk Score validated in Canada, but bases treatment decisions on risk rather than LDL levels. Treatment rationale for this is more evidence based.

3. Create an icon for your desktop if you wish by right-clicking on the file you chose in (4) and select Send to > Desktop (create shortcut). In Windows 7, right click and select Create Shortcut. The new shortcut created in your folder can be dragged to the desktop. Double clicking on this icon will then open the calculator application. You can rename the shortcut or change the icon if you wish with another right click on the new desktop icon.

4. This is a javascript based application for desktop computers, so javascript must be enabled in your browser. So far it is tested in Firefox, Google Chrome Safari and Internet Explorer. This tool will only function on mobile devices if javascript is supported, and it will require some scrolling. A small screen version may be developed in the future.


To download the zipped files after creating the folder for them, click here.