Medical Reference Documents for Mobile Devices

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This collection of reference documents for the PDA has been developed over many years in a full-service rural practice. The topics have been useful for the author in management of point-of-care problems when usual sources for reference were too slow or unavailable. They are offered in the hope that they will be useful for others for reference, alteration or criticism.

Topics were developed as HTML documents and then ported to iSilo™. The iSilo™ text reader has become available for other operating systems such as iOS, Android and Blackberry, so that once the application is installed, the .pdb files will function the same in these devices as they do for the Palm. All content may be viewed online, but to make use of the material offline you will need the iSilo™ text reader for your mobile device, and the .pdb files are available for download. The .html files are also available in zipped form for those who wish to make use of them in desktop format.

Several medical calculators are available to be used in decision support for several common conditions. They are primarily desktop applications, but some of them will function (with some scrolling) on mobile devices supporting javascript.

Users of this site are encouraged to develop their own references unique to their own information needs. Some instruction is offered to help facilitate this process, and if you have developed a particularly brilliant and useful document, you might wish to submit it to this site. I reserve the right of editorial discretion, however, and I will only include documents I think are useful at point of care. You will be credited for any included documents, but remember that in submitting files on the web you retain no control over your intellectual property.

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